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Random Thoughts in Starbucks (1)

Published at 7 March 2017 12:43 PM EST in 'General'

Snow drifts down like wisps of seeds blown from a dandelion. Stopping. Starting. Floating on the breeze, but not substantial enough to cover the ground. The roads are clear, and by some weird work of nature the sun is shining over everything. As if to remind me that things can still be bright when they feel bleak and unsettling.

It’s not that anything feels wrong, per say, it is just an overwhelming feeling of antsy. As if focus and productivity are unavailable, but at the same time my whole body wants to be moving in some way, any way, just moving.

Crap an acoustic version, horrible version, of Purple Rain just played in my headphones and all I want to do is go a watch that amazing live version where Prince looks like he is leaving his heart weeping on the stage.


At least Google Play now has Prince music so I can get a fix and move on. The instrumental music was meant to make it so that I could write without distraction, so much for that thought. Oooh best of Prince album, yes please.

*** Sways gently in the Starbucks while writing***

I am sure I look insane mouthing along to the song, but Fuck It, it is Purple Rain and therefore must be sung (whether silent or aloud). I wish I could see the Prince Ballet again. It truly was beautiful.

I swore to myself this stream wouldn’t be about coffee or feeling tired. But damn it I feel exhausted and the coffee just isn’t doing anything today. Oh well at least I finish photographing a still life I was working on. It might be a little darker then I had originally meant it to be, but, again, fuck it. I think I will post an out take from the session with this stream. It is Fortunate that the cats were being helpful and made it entertaining to photograph.

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