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I can't be that insane, can I? TBT

Published at 27 April 2017 9:33 AM EDT in 'General'

Stop Children whats that sound, happiness is all around. Work it long and work it hard. Nothing leaves without a mark. Scraps and scars tell the story of what and who we are.

The afternoon sun shone hot and hard on the pavement all around. Textbooks were strewn everywhere. There was some idle chat around, but for the most part everyone was quiet staring at the notes and examples in the texts in front of them. The parking lot was filled with students set up in groups or standing by themselves trying to cram those last few bits of knowledge into their heads before the doors opened and they were cattle hurdled into the arena that on any other day would have had an ice floor and the Varsity Blues would test their limited skills. No one said a hardcore science school was going to have a competitive hockey team, or really a competitive any sport team. This is Canada after all, we don't hand out money to kids just so they can throw a ball or hit a puck for the University.

Anyway, back to the parking lot. As I looked around I wondered if anyone else is feeling as doomed as I am at that moment. Chemistry is not my subject, and for that matter neither is Calculus, which will be a replay of this incident in the parking lot tomorrow afternoon.


...who thought that was a good idea. Lets test them on endurance as well as recall. Who can stand up to the challenge. I fucking hate exams.

And not only does Chemistry have a three hour course material exam, it also has a three hour practical exam. And instead of a lab exam is a seated exam with all of 10 multiple choice questions.


Who thought taking Chemistry was a good idea?

Clearly not me, because I can't be that insane can I?

(I was that insane ... twice)

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