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Tossed about in the Tornado of the "to do" list

Published at 17 May 2017 9:04 AM EDT in 'General'

Why can’t I think of anything to write today.
I think I just have too many things that I want to get done to focus on anything.
The list seems to only get longer and never shorter.
How do you choose which thing to do when there are so many things to get done?
I am lost in a tornado of things that would make life cleaner, easier, better to the point that I can’t focus on making life cleaner, easier, or better.

But in truth life is actually pretty beautiful for me, I am lucky in so many weird and wonderful ways.

But back to the tornado, which is where I am right now.
I know they say the best thing is just to slowdown,
take it one step at a time,
pick one thing and get it done.
Yeah okay, that makes sense, but which thing do I choose.

If I pick one thing it seems impossible to finish without working on this other thing, which intern would be way better if I work on this third thing, which could only be done if I finished the first thing.


And so the Tornado continues, and I get tossed about from thought to thought and need to need and project to project till I am soooo dizzy I have to sit. And then I run away to a cafe to take solace in a cup of coffee and rant on my Chromebook.

Ah well, if I am here any way I might as well get an oat fudge bar.

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