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And The World Would Flourish

Published at 15 May 2017 9:52 AM EDT in 'General'

Badass blues for you on a wicked day.

What could go wrong on a rocky road that leads to nowhere?
At the end of the world lost among the trees.
Perhaps we will all fall of the edge and never return.
And the world would flourish and be all better.

Recuperate from the damage. The mines, the gas, the radiation.
Become new once again and start over.
Evolve a better species, one that cares about where it lives, and loves the land for what it gives.
For humanity has lost the ability to relate, to know, to understand.

What could be done to fix the world other then start a new?
We refuse to agree that something is wrong,
and even those that do say
“We will worry about that tomorrow”,
but tomorrow never comes.

And the lorax weeps as the animals die one by one.

The only ones left are trapped in concrete habits behind a glass for us to gauck at and remember when they ran wild.
How can there be a pool large enough for a Whale who swims around the world?
How can there be an enclosure large enough for a snake that stretches twenty feet?

Don’t get me wrong Zoos play their rolls, are a necessity in a world that is being destroyed.
They shelter and care for those we have left, hopefully with humane and honest love.
They let the people connect and understand what can be lost.

I want to go and see the great migration. The wildebeests, the zebras, the gazelles, perhaps a crocodile that gets in the way.

I want to see the great migration, before it fades away.

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