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Go Go Gadget Roller Skates

Published at 27 May 2017 12:45 PM EDT in 'General'

Go Go Gadget Roller Skates

Do da loo da loo loo do do do

What kind of day could it be today so full of rain and fog?
Will it be a it be a Stephen King kind of day or a day of Awakening?
Will the fog lift and the sunshine blaze a new light on everything?

Don’t know.
Kinda feels like a limbo day.
Not one where you are stuck waiting for change or something.

But a limbo day where its like feelings don’t exist.
Where things are neither good, nor bad.
Just a moment of being, like floating on a fluffy clouds finally at peace.

I have always loved fog.

It is like this lovely cushion that keeps the world at bay.
Like I can pretend that my little world is the only thing that exists
and I can curl up with my kittens, and puppy, and children, and husband and be happy and at ease.
Nothing can penetrate the fog to bring the hard cold facts of reality in to disturb my contentment.

I don’t like this stream.
It feels to contrived.
Less streammy, more pulling teethy.

That is disappointing.

Perhaps I will go and edit something else to be inspired by and try again


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