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Polka Dot Robot Aliens

Published at 3 June 2017 9:54 AM EDT in 'General'

Dot Dot Polka dot, it is a polka kinda of day.

I don’t know why, but the majority of the clothing I pulled out of my drawer to wear today had polka dots on it. Which is weird, because I don’t have much in the may of polka dot clothing. But for some reason the Universe decided to conspire to make me feel all spotted today.

Maybe it thinks I need camouflage
Doesn’t strike me as particularly good camouflage in my current world.

Perhaps it is the me in another dimension that needed the camouflage and the universe mixed up where the polka dots were meant to go

Maybe there is another me out there, in that other universe, that is being hunted by polka dot robot aliens from that dimensions Mercury. In that dimension Mercury could sustain life, but only if said life lived inside polka dot robots.

So the polka dot robots are hunting me, but the universe is on my side damnit, so it decided to compel me to wear my camouflage so that I wouldn’t be harmed, but it mixed up which dimension was which, and gave this dimension me the polka dot socks and other dimension me the zebra print socks and whatever other clothing there might a have been and now I have no protection from the polka dot robot aliens and they are going to find me and hurtle me away to their work camps mining for the limestone needed to build their palace and there is never any coffee in the camps and I clearly would not survive.

Crap, crap, what do I do?

UNIVERSE, UNIVERSE, I don’t need the polka dots.

Take them to where they should go!!
Of course it is entirely possible that I just randomly picked said clothing out of my draw for no reason at all

but that is a far less interesting possibility!

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