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A Glass of Lemonade

Published at 21 September 2017 10:03 AM EDT in 'General'

Open up the windows and doors it is going to be a hot one again.

Perhaps it is just lady Summer deciding to go out with a sizzle before taking her long sleep until the end of spring.

Or maybe the Prince of Fall has decided he does not like the way he looks in sweaters and has chosen to wear shorts instead.

I make light, but in my heart I know that this is not a joke,
that science is real,
that the climate is warming.
We are lucky here in our Utopia, the negative effects of climate change have been few.
A couple ice storms that did little damage to my little world.
A few heat waves that hurt my bank account and nothing more.

No I fully understand that I am one of the lucky ones where the effects of climate change have not been hard on me.

But I watch the news ...

I see the islands being evacuate and the storm spirals that dance across the radar screen.
I see the pictures of the water rising and the families huddling in auditoriums worrying about the pets they were forced to leave behind and family members they have yet to find.

And people plunge their fingers in their ears and sing tra la la when the words “We are causing the climate to change" echo around the world.

When will they listen? Will it be too late? Is it already?

Or will they just pour a larger glass of lemonade and enjoy their Utopia while it lasts?

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