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Tumbleweeds roll through the empty streets of my mind

Published at 27 September 2017 1:18 PM EDT in 'General'

Blank, lost, nothing, never, no more...

The words I was going to write are gone.
Which is probably good because they really were not very happy words.
No they were definitely sad, miserable words.
So maybe it is for the best after all, as I am sure you don’t feel like reading sad words.
Even if the emotional vomit that I would have expelled would have made me feel better, it probably would have done nothing for you.

Oh well, guess it doesn’t matter anyway because they are gone and what is left is blank.
Space like quiet.
Tumbleweeds rolling through the empty streets of my mind
Vultures chirping, or whatever sound vultures make as they impatiently wait for food.
Dust swirls down the vacant road lined with wood shakes that are wheezing there last creeks ready to call apart.
That is my current state of mind.

I told you my thoughts were sad before, did you really think the blankness would bring happiness?
Not just went to pathetic looking emptiness.

Blaah Blaaaah Blaaaaaash

For crying out loud why won’t my eye stop twitching!!!

Seriously it is not like I didn’t try to get sleep last night, and restful sleep at that.

But nooooo, my mind wouldn’t cooperate.
It went to sleep alright, but it just kept waking up for no freaking reason.
What the HELL mind, I thought we were partners in this whole life thing!

Well at least I didn’t wake up screaming for help (like last week),
or on my feet charging to my sons room to get him out of bed (like two nights ago)

Really it could have been worse.

I can deal.

Perhaps we will talk happy thoughts soon, I just need to get a little sleep!

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