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Write write what to write

Published at 5 March 2018 9:45 AM EST in 'General'

Having trouble figuring out what to write about today I decided to open an unfinished document and see if I could make something out of it.

The file was titled “Write Write What to Write”

I opened it to find

... a blank page.

Unproductive moments suck!

Blank pages, blank screens!

And the noise! The Noise Noise Noise Noise!

I am sitting here in this cafe trying to be productive and put a few words on the page and all I can think is that I am turning into the Grinch! Everything thing feels like noise.

The music on my headphones,
the ambient cafe music,
the espresso machine,
the conversations around me
(isn’t there a friggin' law against talking on phones in cafes?)

Oooooooooh a dancey song on my headphones fixes is it all.

Now I am the crazy person dancing in their chair in the Starbucks.

Sooo Much better!

… except there are still no creative thoughts


Blank Pages SUCK!

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