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Today I am Yttrium

Published at 13 September 2018 2:16 PM EDT in 'General'

Today, in the immortal words of Oliver Sacks, I turn Yttrium.

Or in non-geek words today I turn 39 years old.

This little moment of geekiness brought on by Sack’s book Gratitude lead me to consider what other geeky gold nuggets of information I could find about the number 39.

And here they are:

First and foremost 39 is in fact the number that comes after 38 and before 40 (perhaps the origin of my unease).

It is the product of three consecutive numbers (12+13+14)

In binary it would be written 100111. In Roman numerals it is XXXIX

39 minutes is equal to 0.65hrs.

The 39th day of the year is February 8th.

If you want to call Italy the long distance code is 39

Jack Benny, the American Comedian, claimed to be 39 for 40 years (seems logical)

The fifth track of Queen’s Night of the Opera is titled “39”

Japanese internet chat slang for “thank you” is 39 (3 = San, 9 = Kyuu).

Madonna’s True Blue is, currently, the 39th best selling album of all time

Jimmy Carter, a personal hero and one of my favourites, was the 39th president of the United States (back when integrity mattered)!

The Kitchener-Waterloo electoral district, alphabetically, is the 39th district for Ontario (coincidentally it is also where I live).
Yttrium is the 39 element of the Periodic Table

Huxley Morton was born at 39 weeks

But perhaps the coolest fact about 39 that I could find was ...

In 39 years I will be the same age that my father will turn the day after tomorrow.

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